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Time, Talent, Treasure

We need your help! Our mission is to reunite warriors with their families and their communities. With your help, we connect warriors and families to community solutions, lead warriors to self-empowerment, and inspire members of the area to embrace the warrior and their family.

Are you an individual who is interested in supporting and impacting the Upstate Warrior Solution mission above, for one reason or another, and would be willingly to donate your time in some capacity? Or maybe you do not have a lot of time on your hands or you are with a company and are interested in supporting your friendly neighborhood, veteran-serving nonprofit and building your comradery in the community. Maybe you or your company has some kind of special skill you want to exploit for the greater good of the community and would be willing to support and impact our mission.

If the above sounds like something you, as an individual or company in the community, would be interested in, you can help! There are three ways do so, as shown below: through your time, your talent, or your treasure.


Do you have some extra time on your hands and are interested in Upstate Warrior Solution? You are in luck! We could use someone like you to give your time to help impact the mission of our organization. It is not important whether you are a veteran or civilian or have any particular, professional experience or qualification. If you are willingly to help us out, we can certainly find a place for you!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, we encourage you to reach out to our new Volunteer Coordinator, Shawn MacDonald. Once you contact Shawn and get all of the necessary paperwork out of the way, we have three areas of need you can choose to help out in at Upstate Warrior Solution: volunteering at events, answering the phones at the front desk of our Greenville headquarters office, or mentoring veterans. But do not feel limited to those positions! If you would like to give your time in another capacity, talk to Shawn, and we can work something out with you! You can contact Shawn at or call her at 864-520-2073.


Are you a seasoned professional? Whether you are a veteran or civilian, you have likely worked hard to improve your professional standing within the community, and you have a lot to offer. We would love to include you in supporting, impacting, and ultimately achieving our mission.

We are always looking for individuals with unique skills sets, such as carpentry or resume development, or those of you who have expertise in professions, including but not limited to accounting, finance, or criminal and civil law. But if you have a special certification or qualification or do a job you think would be beneficial for the warriors, the veterans, to help them reintegrate back into society, please reach out to us!

Successful reintegration has to involve community and civilian interaction. And you, whoever you are in the community, could be the one to help that warrior successfully reintegrate back into society. Not only would you be servicing the warrior, you would be servicing yourself and helping yourself integrate into society and spread the word about your talent. It’s a win-win!


Are you a busy professional or company who is interested in helping us out and impacting our mission in some capacity? You can help us through in-kind or monetary donations.

When we receive financial support in any capacity, it allows us to provide supportive services to thousands of returning veterans and their families. By donating monetarily, you are indirectly supplying these veterans with the services they need. And when the veterans have those supportive services, they are on their way to becoming self-sufficient members of the community and contributing to society. When the veterans start contributing to our society, they add to the economic development and improve the society as a whole.

There are many ways you can set in place that kind of impact on the community. You can sponsor one of our many events, such as the Warrior Classic or the Annual Memorial Day Golf Tournament. This sponsorship not only gives that impact into the community for returning veterans, but it is mutually beneficial to you, allowing you to have marketing and exposure opportunities and shows the surrounding area you are willing to help out veterans. If you are a company, this would also increase your hiring capabilities, exposing you to the range of talent and backgrounds within the veteran community. Additionally, you can set up a donation plan in the form of a monthly, yearly, or planned giving capacity. You can also give in the form of in-kind donations and stocks.

Your in-kind gifts will help us increase our capacity to serve and provide veterans and their families with basic necessities, which will improve their quality of life. Some of these items include computers, keyboards, software programs, office furniture, office space, office supplies, gas and food cards in $20 to $25 increments. In-kind donations that support our events also increase our capacity to serve veterans. These items can include drinks, snacks, and substantial food items.

You can also support our work by purchasing items through our Amazon Smile account.

By donating your stocks, you will receive a tax-deductible donation letter for the fair market value of the items. The items will be available to us once the donation is received. We appreciate any contribution. Thank you.