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Partner Spotlight: Five Shen Wellness & Acupuncture Clinic

Partner Spotlight: Five Shen Wellness & Acupuncture Clinic

Upstate Warrior Solution (UWS) has been partnering with Five Shen Wellness & Acupuncture Clinic (Five Shen) since 2018 as they have offered our warriors free acupuncture and worked to accept TriWest Insurance. It was Five Shen’s Dr. Devynne Berry, who heard about UWS through various networking events and reached out.

“The name ‘Upstate Warriors’ kept surfacing, so we decided to reach out, directly, in late 2018 [due to] to free clinics we were offering that November for Veterans and Military in honor of Veteran’s Day,” Dr. Devynne Berry said. “[We hoped] we could continue to spread the word about the work we do.”

After Five Shen reached out to UWS, they met our team, including Outdoor Adventure Coordinator Chad Wooten and Family Services Coordinator and Advocate Virginia R. Barnes.

“They came into our office, and together, we talked about Chinese medicine, Five Element Acupuncture, and the uniqueness of the work we do at Five Shen,” Dr. Devynne Berry said. “We talked about how our approach can be great for pain but also mental/emotional health and PTSD support in connection to Veterans.”

Five Shen has been offering free clinics to veterans and active duty Military infrequently throughout the years. They had the capacity to host clinics more frequently once they moved to their current office location.

“We operate these clinics because they are excellent way to introduce individuals to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine as well as giving them an opportunity to meet us and see our clinic. We feel that these clinics are one way we are able give back, provide some general care, and support to those who need it,” Devynne said.

Five Shen holds their free Acupuncture Clinic for Veterans and Active Duty Military from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. every second Thursday each month.

“The treatments we do in those clinics are great protocols that are incredible at treating a variety of concerns,” said Devynne Berry, DACM.

The treatments provided at the free clinics are universal and in a group setting. Five Shen uses a selection of points in the ear, which, as Five Shen said, has have been proven effective for stress reduction, pain, PTSD, addiction, and have shown to provide many benefits when done regularly.

“We knew when we opened our practice in Greenville five years ago that veteran and Military care was going to be a priority; we had multiple family members, such as fathers, grandfathers, and uncles, who served across multiple branches…Starting day one when we opened our doors, we have had programs in place to treat and give back to this population.”

Most of their work is one-on-one with patients, treating everything from chronic pain to mental and emotional health.

“Every day, we get to witness the benefit and results people receive from the work that we do…It’s work we are passionate about. Doing this work for veterans and Military families makes it even more rewarding. We have worked hard to create as many options and programs as possible to make the medicine accessible. The free clinics are one of those options that has come out of that effort.”

Dr. Devynne Berry and the team at Five Shen are stoked to be able to reach more people, more veterans and active duty Military, more often. In the effort, Five Shen worked to accept TriWest Insurance. This is something Five Shen has been extremely excited about providing to veterans and active duty Military. Additionally, Five Shen started offering free acupuncture clinics to first responders.

“While our monthly free clinics can be a great start to getting acupuncture, the free clinics provide mainly general care,” Dr. Devynne Berry said. “The work we do in a private setting, one-on-one with individuals, is different and much deeper. Part of our process when we begin to work with someone privately is an extensive look into their medical and personal history. This allows us to get a full picture of health and an assessment of who the individual is; from there, we can personalize a care plan and work towards addressing the underlying cause of why they are coming in and what restored health would look like for this person. The answer is not the same for everyone. We get to make it more about the individual care at that point.”

Accepting TriWest Insurance helps Five Shen give care to people who otherwise could not access it, and they provide this care at no cost to the patient. Because of this, veterans and Military personnel with TriWest Insurance can now request a referral from their doctors at the VA through their primary care or a mental health provider and go see Five Shen for acupuncture treatments at no cost to them. 

“We have had a number of individuals get pre-approved for more than ten visits, and they are seeing great benefits [in] our approach,” Dr. Devynne Berry said.

Five Shen wants every veteran and spouse/caregiver to know there is help.

“Whether you are looking for alternatives to care or extra support in combination with the Western medical care you are already receiving, we can help, and there is HOPE for healing,” Dr. Devynne Berry said. “Many of the veterans we see come to us, trying to manage and accept their current state of health, whether its physical and/or mental and emotional pain as their new “normal,” Devynne said. “We want people to know that it doesn’t have to be.”

When working with a patient, Five Shen’s main goal is to work with the individual to discover what a sense of “wholeness” would feel or be like for them. Their goal is to use all of the tools Five Element acupuncture and Authentic Chinese Medicine provides to help restore health so the patient, the individual, can live the life that nourishes and supports who they want to be in this world.

“UWS has been instrumental in helping us spread the word around Greenville about Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese medicine for Veterans and Military members,” Devynne said. “We could not be more grateful for the support and the trust you showed in us as a clinic!”

The next, FREE acupuncture clinics for Veterans and Military members will be held March 12 and April 9 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Five Shen, 4200 E. North St, Suite 2, in Greenville, SC. There will also be a FREE Mental Health/PTSD Workshop on April 24 at their location, starting at 10 a.m.

For more information about Five Shen Wellness and Acupuncture Clinic, visit their webiste,, Facebook page,, and Facebook group for veterans and their families,