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Family Support

Upstate Warrior Solution recognizes the veteran is not the only family member who may be impacted by the time spent in service, the readjustment period after service, or the often unexpected challenges. Our Family Support Program was established in 2014 with the purpose of building a support system for veterans’ families. This program is focused on providing special events, ones which allow spouses to connect with other veteran spouses and families.

Some of our reoccurring events include the following:

  • Higher Ground Hikers, a program designed to give spouses and caregivers the opportunity to connect with each other and step out of their normal routines once a month, while they get out in nature at various locations across the Upstate of South Carolina.
  • Crafts for Freedom, a program for spouses and caregivers to get together and socialize, while they create various craft projects.
  • Operation Support Our Warrior Spouses, a program dedicated to the spouses and caregivers of warriors who may feel overlooked or may be dealing with everyday struggles.

If your spouse or family member is currently serving or has served in the United States Armed Forces, regardless of military branch, nature of discharge, or current life situation, we would love to connect with you, whether you have a specific need or would like to participate in one of our recreational events!

See our upcoming events here.