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Greenville Office Directions and Info


3 Caledon Court

Suite A-2

Greenville, SC   29615

Main:    864.520.2073

Fax:       864.520.2078

Office Hours:   

Monday-Thursday             8 am – 5 pm

Friday                                   8 am – noon

Our Greenville office serves Greenville County. It also serves as our executive offices.

We are located off Pelham Road between E. North Street and Haywood Road.

Our office is located in an office complex of several similar buildings.

You can enter this office complex via either Caledon Court or Loch Lomand Drive.

We are in Building 3, which backs up to Pelham Road and is closest to Loch Lomand Drive.

Currently, there is no exterior UWS signage.

However, you will see a large green sign for “Greenville Vet Center.”

There is only one entrance into the building. Enter via the center of the building from the

long parking lot side. If the front center door is locked, please ring the doorbell.

Someone from the Greenville Vet Center*, which is located on the 1st floor of the building,

will be able to assist you to enter the building.

Upstate Warrior Solution is located on the 2nd floor.

You may take the lobby elevator or the stairs to the right of the elevator.

When you reach the 2nd floor, turn right to enter our office.

You’ll see two signs on the wall for us and our suite mates:

*GHS/Greenville Health System Military and Government Liaison Office

*Upstate Warrior Solution

You will see a desk immediately upon entering our office space.

Turn right to go down the hallway to your right.

At the end of the hallway, you’ll find our conference room

where our volunteer orientation meetings and training sessions are held.

We will be assembling in the conference room.

*NOTE:  The Greenville Vet Center is one of only four Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) offices

located in South Carolina. It is a distinct and separate entity from Upstate Warrior Solution.