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UWS Veterans and Friends Lunch

UWS Veterans and Friends Lunch

On Wednesday, April 17, our Outdoor Adventure program hosted a Veterans and Friends Lunch. Our Outdoor Adventure team invited everyone to meet at noon at the Cancer Survivors Park.

As noon rolled around and the UWS veterans and friends participants started to arrive, our Outdoor Adventure Coordinator Sid Eargle greeted them in the Cancer Survivors Park parking lot and explained where they should go to find the food, the turkey subs from Jersey Mike’s. Each person followed his gaze over the Cancer Survivors Park Alliance building and across the bridge, which intersects with the Swamp Rabbit Trail, to the amphitheater and saw people, gathered, and headed that way.

After Sid pointed and guided everyone in the direction of the amphitheater in Cancer Survivors Park, he raced down the steps and across the bridge to hang out with everyone and eat another mini sub or two and encourage others to do the same.

When everyone had their fill of sandwiches, one of our UWS team members, Virginia, decided we should take a group picture. We called everyone over to the steps of the amphitheater and asked who wanted to be in the picture.

After taking a couple of pictures,  Virginia wanted to take a group picture at the Reedy River. We walked everyone over and stood on a rock in front of the river, underneath the Cancer Survivors Park bridge.

We all went to go clean up after the pictures. When we finished cleaning up, we stood at the top of the amphitheater and waited for the rest of the group to join us. As soon as the last person joined, we started walking down the path to Reedy River Historic Park.

Children took the lead. Their parents called them back to the group, and we continued up the path, up the short stairs, which led the way past the ducks to the tree with its roots visible above the ground.

When we got to the longer set of stairs, Virginia decided to stay behind to take some pictures of the park.  The rest of us headed up the stairs and across the middle of the long bridge, adjacent to Spill the Beans, to take a group picture.

We talked and caught up on the bridge for several moments then decided it was time to continue on our journey through Reedy River Falls Historic Park. Some of us walked to the other side of the bridge, while the rest of us went back the way we came, down the stairs, next to the bridge.

This time, we turned the left and walked under the bridge with the great acoustics, before Halls Chophouse. We met up with the rest of the group then. As they walked toward us from the other side of that bridge, we turned around, away from the sun, to acknowledge them. We walked past the artist district next, noticing the bubble tea shop and making small talk with other members of the group, then up the bridge with the Artisphere tapestry on it, creating a make shift tunnel or shade on the bridge. We decided to walk down the steps on the other side of the bridge and across the street to go back to Reedy River Falls. As we walked parallel to the bridge, we noticed the outside of the Artisphere tapestry with all of its patchwork, as well as the rest of the team who had stayed behind to talk.

When we made it to the start of Reedy River Falls, next to Spill the Beans, the rest of the team caught up with us, and we walked together the rest of the the way back, laughing and talking about making plans to get frozen yogurt.

We will hold a UWS veterans and friends kayaking event at Lake Keowee on May 1, which will be a pontoon boat ride and lunch included, as well as another UWS Veterans and Friends Walk in the Park on May 8. Details and event updates will be sent out via email. To receive the updates, RSVP to Sid Eargle at As always, all veterans must complete an intake at one of our offices, unless you have already done so. Please call 864-520-2073 to set one up. Thank you!