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Our Outdoor Adventure Program to Hold UWS and Friends Lunch on April 17

Our Outdoor Adventure Program to Hold UWS and Friends Lunch on April 17

On Wednesday, April 10, some of our Upstate Warrior Solution team went for a walk down Reedy River Falls Historic Park to check out the area for the UWS and Friends Lunch, which will be hosted by our Outdoor Adventure team on Wednesday, April 17. We met at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce and walked next door to the start of the Cancer Survivors Park. From there, we followed the path, which connects with the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

When we crossed the bridge and saw the lion statue, we knew we had to stop to take a picture. Our team members who wanted to be in the picture were our Outdoor Adventure Coordinator Sid Eargle and our two AmeriCorps VISTAs (Volunteers in Service to America), one serving in our Spartanburg office, who is sitting down, and the other serving in our Greenville office.

After the picture, we continued on the path through Reedy River Falls Historic Park. We couldn’t help but stop to admire and take pictures of the flowers in bloom.

Our first checkpoint came when we made it to the first set of falls at Reedy River. We walked to the edge of the stones in the water and back behind them, where there was a brick wall and mud slabs.

Once we took a good look at the falls, we went to the other side of the brick wall. Sid Eargle, who is familiar with the area, said wedding ceremonies are held there. We thought it was the a perfect photo op at that spot, and each of us took an obligatory picture in the area.

After the pictures, we continued on the path. A few moments or steps later, Sid showed our team the tree with its roots visible, entangling above the surface of the ground.

After we admired the tree and its roots, we turned around to continue on the path. We noticed different people on either side of it. Then, we spotted ducks, floating in the pond, and watched them drift with the current.

We walked past the ducks and onward up the path. A few steps later, Sid pointed to the area we just came from, on our right, and told us there was an elevator to go up to the top of the falls for the people who find it hard to walk up the staircase. We chose not to ride the first elevator and continued on the path, walking underneath the bridge in front of Halls Chophouse. Sid told us about the acoustics under the bridge, so we clapped and talking louder than normal to test it out.

We walked out from underneath the bridge into the artist area. After we talked about the area, a female veteran and biking aficionado, whom Sid knew, passed us and stopped to talk to him for a brief moment.

Once Sid was done talking with the veteran and inviting her to the walk next week, we called it a day and turned back around. When we walked under the bridge, we decided to take a different elevator up to the top of the park, where Spill the Beans and the long bridge is. Once we made it to the top, we noticed all the people, speaking different languages and busking in the large area next to the restaurant.

We walked down the bridge a little ways to take pictures, enjoy the views, and notice how high up it seemed from the top. Since we knew walking the entire length of the bridge would put us too far out of our way, we turned around and followed the steps, to the right of the bridge, back the way we came.

On our way back, we noticed much of the same views. The only difference was we noticed a few ducks, sitting on the grass.

The rest of the way seemed shorter on the way back. We made it back to the start, Cancer Survivors Park, in no time, and Sid showed us the ampitheater, made out of concrete, and we walked back up the stairs to the top of the meet-up spot, the overlook of Cancer Survivors Park, noticing the mission and vision as we went.

When we got up to the top, we talked about our vision for the walk next week and parted ways, saying our goodbyes until we saw each other again, in the same spot, on Wednesday, April 17.

Cancer Survivors Park

Cancer Survivors Park overlook

We welcome anyone to join our Outdoor Adventure Program as they will host the UWS Veterans and Friends Lunch and Walk in the Park in Downtown Greenville next Wednesday, April 17. We will meet at noon at Cancer Survivors Park (52 Cleveland St, Greenville, SC 29601). Once everyone arrives, we will eat lunch, provided by Jersey Mike’s, then enjoy a short walk through Reedy River Falls Historic Park.

Please RSVP to Sid Eargle at to reserve your spot for the free lunch, provided by Jersey Mike’s! To participate, all veterans must complete an intake at one of our offices. If you have not already completed one, please call 864-520-2073 to do so. Thank you!