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Warrior Wednesday: Brig Berthold

Warrior Wednesday: Brig Berthold

Today’s #WarriorWednesday is Brig Berthold! Since retiring from counterintelligence in the U.S. Army with deployments to France, South Korea, and Afghanistan between 2009-2015, he has been at Upstate Warrior Solution, currently as the Employment Program Manager, as well as an author and host of a baseball podcast.

“I loved helping people. As an NCO, my responsibilities were mission accomplishment and overall welfare of my people. Those we led, collaborated with, and served were most effective if their needs were met.” Brig continued. “A desire to help others accomplish their goals and to realize their dreams drives much of my life now. At Upstate Warrior Solution, I’m in a unique position to apply my efforts daily in support of other’s goals.”

Right now, Brig is working on a series of interviews for The Baseball Together podcast. He can’t release the guests or topics just yet, but exciting things are happening there!

Speaking on why he does the podcast, Brig said, “We do it because it is fun, and we’ve built a small but active international audience of baseball fans.

Like the rest of the world, the coronavirus has impacted him and his podcast. For Brig and his Co-host Brad, it has forced them to find creative ways to have baseball-related conversations despite the absence of baseball in the United States.

“My Co-host Brad and I will look back on this with gratitude,” Brig said. “Grateful we were forced to think outside the box and for fun challenges.”

This post is part of our #WarriorWednesday series. Know a warrior whom you think we should feature? Nominate them!

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