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Warrior Wednesday: William M.

Warrior Wednesday: William M.

Today’s Warrior Wednesday is William Mulkey! William is a retired United States Marine and was medically retired from service in 1994. His primary duties were as a Rifleman, and the majority of his service was with the Security Force Company, assigned to the MCSF Company in Charleston.  He was stationed at POMFLANT, and there, he performed duties related to the Security Force detachment and as one of the Company’s marksmanship instructors.  Similar to the experiences of many Veterans, there were great times as well as challenging times.

Currently, he operates his own private practice as a psychotherapist and licensed professional counselor (LPC).  He provides consulting services to other mental health providers and conducts training for those providers as well. Additionally, as a licensed professional counselor and supervisor (LPCS) in SC, he provides supervision services to associates who are seeking full licensure. Also, he conducts accreditation surveys through CARF (Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities) as he works with various providers in the human service and mental health services field(s), throughout the USA and Canada.

Reflecting on his service in the Marine Corps, William said, “The Marine Corps provided very unique challenges in my young life, but they also opened my eyes to what can be achieved through teamwork as well as what can be achieved through my own personal drive to succeed. The culture and history of the Marine Corps is built upon the small team approach and strength, and the team is supported by each Marine’s individual strength(s). I enjoyed being a part of this rich history and culture, and it definitely motivated my own life interests, personally and professionally. It is probably the most influencing factor that motivated me to study the social sciences and to further myself and my knowledge in psychology and sociology. There is a certain pride that goes along with the title, “United States Marine,” and the sense of being part of the Marine Corps family.  Having this connection to all those who came before me as well as all the Marines that came after only strengthened my connection to my own family (past, present, and future). The Marine Corps motto, “Semper Fidelis” (Always Faithful), mirrored the motto that my own family held and impressed upon me, “Familia Super Omnia” (Family Above All).

William believes it is important for everyone to have some type of goal, interest, hobby, or passion in their lives.  Thinking about his own goals, he said, “The self-confidence mentioned previously allows me the mindset to try new things and to take on new challenges. Currently, I am in the beginning stages of pursuing my Ph.D., as this was a dream I have had for several years.

Since he is always expanding and increasing his knowledge, this need to learn is a passion he hopes to never lose. Because his passion goes well beyond the academic walls of an institution, he is learning about himself and others, new cultures, new places, history, etc.  William said, “I love to learn for the sake of learning.”