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What We Do

Warrior Outreach and Case Coordination


These services are diverse and are designed to improve the overall quality of life for warrior families. We accomplish this through proactive engagement and one-on-one case coordination for a variety of concerns related:

  • Healthcare and Benefits Coordination
  • Education and Employment Support
  • Housing Support
  • Quality of Life (recreational and social
  • Family Support

Fellowship Academy



A one-year service learning academy focused on the personal and professional development of disabled post 9/11 warriors who are seeking employment or another mission in life. The overarching goals are:

  • To improve successful reintegration to the civilian workforce.
  • To provide participants with the tools they need to excel in professional settings.
  • To provide a structured and accountable learning environment, focused specifically on areas of opportunity that are often prevalent during transition.
  • Educational planning and guidance Liaison between institutions of higher learning and Veterans Benefits Administration
  • Employment search and resourcing.
  • Build relationships with local employers to create veteran hiring channels.
  • Partner with local organizations such as Goodwill Job Connections and SCWorks to connect veterans to available resources for resume building, interview skills and job readiness training.
  • Match employers with veterans by translating and aligning experience to employer requirements.

Community Engagement

  • ¬†Educate the community to the needs of the warrior and the warrior to the needs of the community
  • Cultivate partnerships that lead to local solutions and create collaborative working relationships
  • Provide mentorship and volunteer opportunities that will inspire community involvement
  • Serves as a liaison between DOD/VA/community healthcare resources
  • Provides options for healthcare
  • Non-medical treatment planning opinion resourcing