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Our Five Areas of Assistance

If you are an Upstate warrior or family member, we want to connect with you and help you thrive in our community. Whatever your current need may be, we want to support you.

Our warrior advocates will help assess your current areas of need, connect you to our network of community resources, and help you generate goals and actionable steps toward your next mission in life.

Our work is built on face-to-face outreach and case coordination for a variety of concerns related to:

Healthcare and Benefits Coordination

Want an advocate in the healthcare system? Need help navigating VA benefits? Our team serves as a liaison between the DOD, VA, local healthcare resources, and our warrior community.

In addition to benefits coordination, our team connects warriors with local partners for healthcare, mental health resources, and non-medical treatment options. For example, our partnership with PRISMA Health streamlines care coordination for warriors being treated at emergency rooms and outpatient clinics across the Upstate.

Family Services

Want to connect with other military families in the Upstate? Our team supports warrior families because we recognize the veteran is not the only family member impacted by time spent in service.

Our family services program offers events and activities to help participants connect with other warrior spouses and families. Regular group meetings include Higher Ground Hikers, Crafts for Freedom, Cornerstone Heroes, and Bravo Explorers. Click here for details on our family services program, including Upstate SC resources and information about the available groups.

Contact Us

If you are a warrior or family member in need of support or assistance not listed above, please call (864) 520-2073 or click the link below to connect with one of our warrior advocates. We want to help you!