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Our History

Our History

Upstate Warrior Solution (UWS) began to take shape in 2010 when a group of concerned veterans and community leaders came together to improve access to services for the 100,000 veterans living in the region.

The team recognized critical lack of support infrastructure for warriors in the area. There were significant gaps in services and no visible means for care coordination, especially in rural areas. Warrior-specific services that were available were not well integrated or advertised.

The team also saw a correlation between military trauma disorders, readjustment issues, and a variety of adverse outcomes in the lives of our Upstate warriors. These outcomes impacted the larger community; however, the team identified a lack of public awareness and education on the difficulties veterans face when integrating into the civilian world.

Upstate Warrior Solution was founded in response to these needs in the community.

UWS received its incorporation in 2012 through the South Carolina Secretary of State’s office and was formally recognized as a 501(c)3 organization in 2013. Headquartered in Greenville, UWS now has offices across the Upstate serving our warriors and their families. In 2022, UWS expanded its services to include first responders.

UWS is growing. However, we are as mission-focused and committed as ever to serving the warriors in our community “knee-to-knee” and continually improving the services we offer.

Our vision is to restore our warriors with a sense of purpose and to empower the Upstate community to be responsive to our warriors and their families. 

Our Model

Upstate Warrior Solution follows the Four Step Plan of Community Integration for serving the warrior community:


Locate and link warriors and their families to the UWS network of resources.


Inform warriors of services and opportunities available to them.


Ensure warriors receive the support they’ve earned via peer & social work care coordination.


Work with partners on all levels in the community to facilitate total warrior care.