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Upstate Warrior Solution bridges the employment gap in several ways to help warriors enter the civilian workforce at a livable wage. Veteran job seekers are provided support through mentoring, resume building, soft-skills workshops, financial literacy seminars, referrals to our local workforce development partners, such as Goodwill Job Connections, as well as through our network of veteran-friendly employers.

Because around 20% of our participants are seeking employment, employers have begun to seek us out to provide them with information on recruiting, hiring, and retaining veteran employees. With the resurgence of the manufacturing industry in the Upstate area, the low cost of living, and South Carolina’s favorable tax laws for big business, local employers have indicated an immediate need for skilled workers to fill positions. And we intend to fill those positions with Upstate veterans! If you are an employer looking to hire veterans, please fill out this form.

Whether you are looking for help translating your skills from your time in service on a civilian resume or would like help climbing the corporate ladder, Upstate Warrior Solution can help!