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Veterans Memorial at The Cliffs Keowee Falls


The Veterans Memorial at The Cliffs Keowee Falls will be a lasting tribute to the sacrifices and service of our veterans. Our beautiful memorial will display the medallions of each of the armed services embedded in a stone faced, half oval wall cut into the hillside. The half oval will surround a 30 foot flag pole based in the center of the brick patio where our glorious American flag will be proudly waving 24 hours a day. The memorial is oriented so that it may be viewed every time you and your family or guests travel via the turnabout on the Cliffs South Parkway.

Your brick, warranted for life by Brick Markers, will signify your support for veterans. You may choose to memorialize your service, the service of family members, or of friends with whom you may have served. If you are not a veteran, you may demonstrate your support for veterans by donating and designing a brick. Your personally designed engraved brick will be proudly displayed in the brick patio of the memorial. The memorial, by the water features and koi pond, will provide a peaceful pleasing backdrop for it’s location.

You may choose from two brick sizes, 8″x8″ or 4″x8″ bricks, to showcase your remembrance. Bricks may be purchased individually or in multiples. If more than one brick is purchased they will be placed so that each donor will be surrounded by each individual, veteran or family member they choose to recognize. By becoming a donor, you can take pride in the fact that you have participated in a permanent tribute to the men and women of our Armed Forces.

Link to purchase bricks for the Memorial:

A link to customize your brick will be emailed to you after you complete your purchase on this page.


For those who would like to contribute in a more substantial way, in addition to brick purchases, we are offering sponsorship of several elements of the design incorporated into the memorial. The flag pole, each of the six military service emblems and each of the benches are available for sponsorship. With a sponsorship you will receive an 8×8 brick of your design placed in the patio below the sponsored element recognizing your contribution. Contact David Delahunty (info below) for information on sponsoring one or more of these elements.

Your donations qualify for a 501(c)(3) tax deduction. Upstate Warrior Solution is handling all funds transfers for our memorial and they have coordinated with Brick Markers for order placement and design of your customized brick.

You may be able to make a donation directly from your qualified retirement fund to the memorial if you are at least 70 1/2 years and are below the required mandatory withdrawal level for the year. Please consult with a financial or tax professional to determine the best course of action for your circumstances, then contact Sandra Drake, Account Administrator at Upstate Warrior Solution, to enable the transfer.

Account Administrator at Upstate Warrior Solution:
Sandra Drake
(864) 520-2073 ext 100

Brick Markers Sales Coordinator:
Stephanie Standish
(561) 842-1338 ext 222

Veterans Memorial Committee Contact:
David Delahunty
(815) 540-8804