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Caring Enough to Take Action: USAF Veteran Johnny Brewer

Johnny Brewer served in the US Air Force with Strategic Air Command from 1972 to 1974, receiving an honorable discharge. He connected with Upstate Warrior Solution in 2019. He was living on a low-fixed income and was in need of assistance with numerous home repairs to his childhood home in Greenville, SC.

Built in 1935, his home needed a new roof, repair to internal ceiling damage, and a bathroom remodel. The kitchen and living room floors needed to be reinforced, new flooring installed, and windows replaced. Moreover, because the central heat and air were 25 years old and did not work, Mr. Brewer relied on a window AC and space heaters, which were inefficient and unnecessarily increased his power bill. In addition to his housing needs, Mr. Brewer suffers from congestive heart failure, kidney disease, and stage four cancer.

After connecting with Mr. Brewer, UWS began collaborating with Emmanuel’s Hammer to help with the repairs and keep the Air Force veteran in his home. Thanks to generous community collaboration and a grant through Greer Community Outreach, Mr. Brewer’s roof has been replaced, the bathroom renovation is nearing completion, and the funds are in place to complete the remaining $10,500 worth of repairs.

Speaking of the impact these repairs have had on his life, Mr. Brewer says:

“I wanted to write and express how grateful I am for what you are allowing God to do through you on my behalf. My life had been full of suffering, and I had given up hope of ever seeing the goodness of God again, here in the land of the living. Now, I am starting to feel like that lie has been dealt with.

“Apparently, living in grunge isn’t too conducive to a positive mindset. I believe by the time this is done, I will feel like a new man, if the boost I’ve gotten from the bathroom upgrade, is any indication.

“So, thank you for caring about me enough to take action. May your eternal treasure be greatly increased!

Thanks to a caring community network ready to take action to support our local warriors no matter how big or small the need, Johnny Brewer remains stably housed in his childhood home.