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Ready, Set, Employed

You’ve served in uniform and now it’s time to get a job in the civilian market. Easy right? Not so, you return only to find closed doors, unwavering “no’s” and a sense of great loss. Loss of respect, loss of community and loss of direction. Well now you can once again feel fulfilled, energized and part of a mission. Prepare to be hired. A successful military-to-civilian transition and job search requires not only an overall plan but also the tactics to implement it. The civilian workplace is very different from the military command and a job search is a stressful time for most people. This can be particularly true for those transitioning from the military to civilian status.


Networking refers to finding job leads through your colleagues, acquaintances, friends and family members. It involves connecting and interacting with others. You need to be proactive and develop an interpersonal strategy in your job search. Throughout your job search, you will acquire useful names of people who will assist you in contacting potential employers. Whenever you have the chance to strike up a conversation with someone new or newly reconnected with. Attend industry conferences, job fairs or professional training events where you can meet people who may know of jobs opportunities. Utilize social media outlets such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking tool that helps you stay in contact, find job opportunities and identify key individuals within organizations you are interested in gaining employment. As a member of the military, you do have an advantage. You already have an extensive network in place, you just need to open up to it.

And that’s where Upstate Warrior Solution comes in.

UWS Employment Program

Our employment team works directly with employers in the Upstate to create veteran hiring programs and connect veterans to recruiters and hiring managers. Our database contains over 50 employers and continues to grow. We match employers with veterans by listing their military skills and experience that are then translated to civilian trades. Our goal is to ensure every veteran in our program is gainfully employed.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 34 states and the District of Columbia experienced decreases in their unemployment rates, five states had increases and 11 states remained unchanged.

In October, South Carolina’s 6.7 percent rate ranked 12th highest out of 51. In the Southeast region, South Carolina’s rate remained lower than Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. We know you want to work and we are here to assist you in making the transition successful.

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