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Volunteer Spotlight: Rhonda and Rick

Volunteer Spotlight: Rhonda and Rick

Rhonda and Rick Gay’s selfless volunteer hours impacted greatly the continued success of our Upstate Warrior Solution Family Services Program’s role in the callbacks for the warriors and their spouses. Not even Covid-19 could prevent this dynamic duo from donating their time. Extensive training within our database that normally takes place in-person took place via Skype with a dodgy network connection. Our Family Services Advocate Virginia Barnes worked from her garage while Rick and Rhonda volunteered from the comfort of their home.

At the conclusion of their intense, rapid-speed platform-training, Rick and Rhonda eagerly took the reins. Their warm and caring attitudes were welcomed by those on the other end of the phone. They have enabled us to continue to follow up with and help the warriors and their spouses that may have needed assistance with any of our pillars during this challenging time.

Both Rhonda and Rick have proved flexible and willing to assist with any request presented to them. Through their commitment and willingness to give back, they have shown they too believe in the Mission and Vision of Upstate Warrior Solution. This is recognized through their commitment to serve, to give back.

Virginia would like to personally thank both Rick and Rhonda for their contribution of time, enthusiastic attitudes, positive energy, and flexibility. The goal of Upstate Warrior Solution is to continue to contact all seven thousand plus of our warriors and their spouses. This would not be feasible without the selfless contributions from those like Rick and Rhonda. They are truly an organization’s dream volunteers! From our hearts, thank you for all that you both do!