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Warrior Success Story: Joseph C.

Warrior Success Story: Joseph C.

Disabled Veteran Joseph* served as an explosive ordnance technician with the U.S. Marine Corps as a warrant officer. He deployed multiple times to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Global War on Terror. He received a Purple Heart along with numerous awards for bravery in battle.

A native of South Carolina, Joseph moved back to the Upstate to be near family when he transitioned out of the Military in 2015. “Since I got here, I’ve been in contact with Sam,” Joseph said, speaking of the Upstate Warrior Solution Pickens and Oconee Warrior Advocate at the time.

“I was on a roll,” Joseph said of his experience in the past year. He bought a new house for his family, connected with a recruiter, applied to the Seneca branch of one of the big four banks, and was invited to interview.

He made it through five rounds of interviews, through all the corporate interviewing. He made it to the end, where he accepted the position and signed the paperwork. He told his family and friends the good news. He bought new suits. He was ready.

In what seemed like the next instant, the World Health Organization declared the rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak a pandemic. The regional manager called Joseph. “I can’t hire you right now,” they said.

COVID-19 forced the bank to lay off employees. They could no longer afford to hire him.

“I’m still a dad and a husband,” Joseph said. He knew he had to protect his family and keep the roof over their heads, so he used his retirement checks from the military to pay his mortgage.

It can be difficult to stay ahead of financial hardship when there is a global health crisis that adversely affects businesses. After connecting with Sam on LinkedIn and telling him he needed help paying his mortgage and power bill, Sam let him know about an emergency relief fund through Premier Foundation that could help him. Joseph thought it was a good idea, so he applied.

Joseph was approved for $1,000 to cover his mortgage. Thanks to our partnership with the Premier Foundation, the UWS team was able to help Joseph keep his family in their new home.

“I’m good now,” Joseph said. “All kinds of people want to help me.”

UWS has distributed $60,000 through the emergency relief fund to about 80 local veterans who have been impacted by the health crisis of 2020.

These funds have provided direct payment of mortgages, utilities, and car repairs for veterans who have been furloughed or are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19. If you are a veteran, service member, or military spouse affected by the health crisis and need assistance with housing, utilities, or medical costs, fill out the form at this link.

*Name has been changed for privacy.