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Warrior Wednesday: Brandon Worley

Warrior Wednesday: Brandon Worley

Today’s Warrior Wednesday is Brandon Worley!

Brandon signed up for the Army right out of high school and served active duty as an artillery mechanic from July 2010- July 2014. He was selected to deploy for 9 months in 2012 to RC East Afghanistan as a lead driver and mechanic for the Security Force Advisory and Assistance Team.

Brandon just recently graduated in Dec 2020 with his Masters in Positive Psychology. He founded Upstate-Carolina Adaptive Golf in 2018 and operates the non-profit as the Executive Director to provide golf as a form of therapy for veterans transitioning into civilian life. Additionally, Brandon owns Worley Consulting, LLC., where he focuses his energy on coaching private golf lessons, real estate investments, and stock/option trading.

“One of the things I enjoyed about the service was the disciplined environment that was built around comradery and team building,” said Brandon, thinking back on his time in service. This has helped him develop into the leader he is today and guide him towards overcoming life challenges and just about any type of adversity.

“One of my goals I’m working towards is to constantly work towards self-improvement and positive growth as a human. I’m passionate about helping others through selfless service and being able to use my experiences to help give back.”