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Warrior Wednesday: Debra Farley

Warrior Wednesday: Debra Farley

Today’s Warrior Wednesday is Debra Farley! Debra enlisted in the U.S. Army as a 20-year-old with one son. From the time she enlisted in 1983 until her transition out of the military, she served as a medical supply specialist and had four more children, three of whom were triplets. Currently, she has been adjusting to life in her 10×32′ tiny house from Bronze Star Homes, a veteran-owned business by a Marine couple in NC, and managing her jewelry business, Urban Paradise Workshop.

When she was asked what she enjoyed about the military, Debra said, “If could do it again, I would stay in. I think it’s the loyalty and dependability they instill in us and comradery. My friendships. You kind of go all in. You want to be there for your friends. You want to give it 104%. I believe the military helped put that in me. Failing is not an option, even though as humans, we fall short.”

Now, Debra said she loves gardening. “I want to get the landscape around that property because the house is beautiful. I have potted plants and perennials. I would love to have a garden this year. Eventually, I want to have it as a really thriving garden with everything I like. Between the flowers and the garden, that’s my hobby.”