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Warrior Wednesday: Matthew Morris

Warrior Wednesday: Matthew Morris

Today’s Warrior Wednesday is Matthew (Matt) Morris!

Matt served in the U.S. Navy for 6 years and was stationed on the Fast Attack submarine USS  Newport News (SSN750), where he was a nuclear mechanical operator, laboratory technician, and diving supervisor. “I completed a shipyard overhaul and a deployment where we pulled into Norway, Gibraltar, Greece, and Diego Garcia,” said Matt.

 After he fulfilled his contract and separated from the Navy in 2016, Matt worked for a year before he started to use his GI Bill benefits in San Diego. There, he decided to start his degree in mechanical engineering then transferred to Clemson University to complete the requirements. He completed his degree requirements in 2019.

“My favorite part of my time in the Navy was getting the opportunity to go to Navy Dive School,” Matt said. He said scuba diving is still one of his favorite hobbies to this day.