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Warrior Wednesday: Robyn Grable

Warrior Wednesday: Robyn Grable

Today’s Warrior Wednesday is Robyn Grable! Robyn served in the United States Navy for nine years. She enlisted as an account relationship manager, where she worked in data processing and human resources. She served two years in Iceland, tracking Russian submarines, and three years in Pearl Harbor, where she served as the account executive for civilian companies contracted with the Navy’s Honeywell computer systems.

Robyn said she loved wearing the uniform. “I was very proud of being part of something bigger than me. Being a female in the Military in the early 80’s gave me the opportunity to be an advocate for other females. This carried over to what I was clearly born to do when I created Veterans ASCEND. Now, I get to be an advocate for all veterans and military spouses.”

Currently, she is the founder of Veterans ASCEND. Veterans ASCEND solves the problems of translating, connecting, and aligning. It connects businesses with skilled talent quickly and opens the door for veterans to new industries and companies that need their skills.

“We built a skills engine that translates occupations to skills, connects employers with talent and automatically aligns skills within an organization,” Robyn said, “No resume, no application, no job description. We remove the barriers and bias. Our skills engine uses both unique data sets and algorithms. Our technology evaluates the candidate’s skills against an employer’s skills’ needs and reverses the hiring process.”

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